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Warnings for Dir Hijleh and Al-Zoor farmers (east of Jericho)


Jericho – The Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOF) handed warnings to a group of farmers from Dir Hijleh and Al-Zoor areas in the Jordan Valley, east of Jericho province. IOF ordered them to evacuate more than 3000 dunums and bring/ return the lands back as they were before within 45 days from the date they receive the warnings/ within 45 days of the warnings date.

These attacks are to force farmers to leave their lands, and to Judaize the Jordan Valley area and evacuate the farmers.

 It is noteworthy that these lands are Islamic endowment and leased lands by Al-Awqaf Department for 25 years; some of these lands are farmed for decades/ since decades/ for more than 10 years ago/ for more than a decade.