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UAWC won three awards through one year

UAWC’s first prize was on October, 2014; Where UAWC won the Food Sovereignty Prize, which is awarded by the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, a network of anti-hunger advocacy organizations, and seeks to laud those who work towards combating the injustices created by the global food system. UAWC’s struggle for food sovereignty is clear through its developmental approach to support small scale farmers and fishermen, its advocacy programs to defend the rights of the Palestinian farmers and fishermen against the brutal Israeli violations, its role in protecting the Palestinian local seeds, its role in empowering women farmers, in addition to its response campaigns to emergency situations have all qualified it to win this prize.

The second prize was in November, 2014, the UAWC won the Equator Prize 2014 for its leading role in the fight against poverty and sustainable development through its Seed Bank Project initiative.

 UAWC was competing with 1234 organizations from 121 countries around the world, the UAWC was amongst the 35 world-wide initiatives awarded with the Award organized by the United Nations Development Agency (UNDP) in New York. UAWC thus proudly joins the network of the 187 total winners of this prestigious Award.



UAWC’s acting director, Fuad Abu Saif,  confirmed that our success of the award-winning is considered a national achievement that encouraged us to continue our activities in Palestinian land development, because of its importance in protecting the Palestinian heritages against the Israeli attempts to eliminate our identity.  


Abu Saif added that the UAWC will continue its activities to defend the Palestinian farmers’ rights against the Israeli violations through the constant support of small-scale farmers and fishermen to achieve their right of Food Sovereignty; through the UAWC’s cooperation with   local and international institutions.