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UAWC revives World Water Day with a youth voluntary group

Ramallah- the Union of Agricultural Work Committees revived World Water Day with a youth voluntary group in Abu Nawar School, which is located in a Bedouin community in Jerusalem -Abu Dis, through cultivation of olive seedlings, provision of water tank for the school, and conducting entertainment activates for the school kids.

The choice of school came as a result of the Israeli confiscation of the school building, which is now converted into caravans. The Bedouin community is surrounded by three settlements, Ma’aleh Adumim, “Kedar,” and a military camp

The school’s principle, Asmaa Shiha, confirmed that the occupation authorities aimed to evacuate the school and prevent its students from continue their education, pointing out that the occupation authorities confiscated caravan consisting containing 25 students from the Bedouin community, in addition to the school furniture and chairs, in The next day, the Ministry of Education provided tents for the school, but the occupation authorities confiscated them immediately. 

UAWC stressed on the importance of the participation of the youth voluntary group in supporting the community and strengthening the Palestinian’s steadfastness especially in area idified as “C”.