UAWC provides Agricultural materials to agricultural cooperatives

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UAWC provides Agricultural materials to agricultural cooperatives

Ramallah- the union of Agricultural Work Committees provided cooperative in the governorates of Tulkarem, Qalqilia, and Tubas with agricultural supplies within     ”   Market Oriented and Sustainable High Value Crops Sector Development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip” project, which is funded by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO ) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The UAWC confirmed that its staff supplied agricultural tools, and irrigation systems for each Ateel cooperative and Thinnaba Cooperative in the governorate of Tulkarem, Agricultural & Marketing cooperative in the governorate of Qalqilya, and Tammoun cooperative in the governorate of Tubas.

Eng. Mohammad Motaoua’ indicated that these activities  aimed to mitigate the impacts of high costs  agricultural materials  on farmers, through minimizing the transportation  costs, as well as increasing the farmers’ awareness on the proper use and management of water, especially after the climate change phenomena , which increase the water crisis on the global and local level, in addition to the Israeli occupation theft of the Palestinian water resources, and he is  pointing out that these activities  would improve the profitability of agricultural crops and strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmers  

The project targeted 1329 small-scale farmers from 21 cooperatives in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The project aimed at strengthening small-scale farmers’ capacities and their abilities to provide high quality services by enabling them to get GLOPALGAP certificates. The project also targeted other 6 women’s cooperatives to build their capacities on food processing skills in order to enhance women’s roles in the production sector.