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UAWC organizes a protest in solidarity with fishermen in Gaza

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) organized a protest on 8th of September 2016 in a form of a human chain, the human chain stretched between Gaza Seaport to the UN’s headquarters to condemn the Israeli Occupation Marine Army’s  practices against Palestinian fishermen.

Dozens of fishermen participated in the protest condemning the Occupation’s violations to their rights such as confiscation of boats, imprisonment, and shooting, refusing this policy which the occupation forces uses on a daily basis, and that negatively effects their livelihood and source of income especially in the light of the difficult conditions of the Gaza Strip.

Saa’d Al-Deen Ziadeh, Director of the Grassroots and Advocacy Department at UAWC, said that these daily attacks need to be stopped, and that the international community must stand against these practices against fishermen, refusing all pretexts and excuses by the Israeli occupation, particularly limiting the fishing area which is part of the blockade imposed on Gaza.

The protestors held banners expressing their suffering, with the goal of delivering a message to parties and groups to stand by their side as the violations and attacks cannot be tolerated anymore, demanding to fully lift the blockade imposed on Gaza.

UAWC continues to support the Palestinian fishermen and farmers’ through its different activities and projects, also through advocating for their cause and defending their rights to deliver their message to the whole world.