UAWC opens the first phase of the economic empowerment project in Jericho

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UAWC opens the first phase of the economic empowerment project in Jericho

Ramallah – The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) opened the “Economic Empowerment for the Palestinian People” project I in Jericho governorate funded by the Islamic Development Bank, through UNDP’s Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People, and in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development.

 Dr. Ibarhim Al-Sha’er, Minister of Social Development, stressed on the importance of searching for a liberating development methods that can form a solid core to reinforce solidarity and resistance for land, despite the challenges and difficulties affecting the political decision and its impact on donors’ funding, and noting that the project is an exceptional case which could pave the way for change, and empower families to rely on themselves through developmental projects. 

Eng. Majed Al-Fitiani, Governor of Jericho and the Jordan Valley, pointed out that the project is a good experience that will enable the society to rise through persifying the beneficiaries of the projects, and achieving some justice in marginalized areas, referring to the cooperation between the public authorities and civil society’s institutions in providing joint services.

Eng. Fuad Abu Seif, General Director of UAWC, indicated from his part to the solid relationship between UAWC, the Ministry of Social Development, and Jericho Governorate through the projects which were implemented, and the ones that are being implemented now, pointing out that the project created a model that pulls Palestinian families out of poverty, to a state of self-reliance through projects that they manage.

Mr. Bassem Dudeen, Director of the UNDP’s Economic Empowerment Programme, said that the programme was established in 2006 with the aim of pulling families from poverty, to a state of production, and participating in the production process using three components: grants, loans, and supporting social services, mentioning that the goal of opening projects is to look at the developmental model that the project offers.