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UAWC opens Agricultural Development project in Hebron

Ramallah- the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) opened “Life” project , which targeted three communities in Dora village (Wadi Abu qamrah, Switti Valley, Almagor) through the establishment  of 26 pools with a capacity of 200 m3 benefiting 61 farmers  with the presence of representatives from Hebron governorate, and the Ministry of Agriculture and water authority and the city’s farmers. This project is funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Agency for water

 The UAWC’s general director, Fuad Abu Saif, confirmed that the project meets the farmers’ needs, especially under the Israeli controls of more than 85% of our water resources.

Hebron Economic Affairs Adviser ,Nidal Jabari, stressed on the importance of the project to raise the competitiveness of the Palestinian agricultural sector and increase its production, so more jobs for our youths.

In a speech of the French institutions that funded the project, they stressed on the importance of the project to  increase the agricultural area and production, pointing that the French company, SCP, contributed with the UAWC to define the specifications of the project which promotes the relationship between Palestine and France.

The project aims to store the water flooded from water springs  in the mineral pools, and use it to irrigate crops in the summer. In addition, the project aimed at building the capacities of farmers through training on water harvesting mechanisms and management of water resources, in addition to training on the use of modern techniques in irrigation