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UAWC Honors its Former General Director

Ramallah- The Union of Agricultural Work Committees organized a celebration to honor its former general director Eng. Khaled Al-Hidmi. Representatives of the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, local and international organizations, agricultural committees and UAWC staff participated in the celebration.

The chairperson of UAWC’s board of directors Ali Hasouneh opened the ceremony. In his speech he focused on Al-Hidmi’s role in establishing UAWC and overcoming all the struggles. Hasouneh pointed that the advancement in UAWC’s work is a direct result of Al-Hidmi’s great efforts especially in expanding the organization’s international networks. It is important to note that UAWC became a member representing Palestine in La Via Campesina movement, and won two international awards in 2014.


UAWC appreciates all of its founders who have worked as volunteers in the beginnings to develop the Palestinian agricultural sector.

UAWC’c acting general director Eng. Fuad Abu Seif assured that UAWC plays an important role in promoting the concepts of developmental work, the fight against poverty and the principles of transparency that is coupled with the national identity and attachment to the land.

In his speech, Al-Hidmi stressed that his retirement from UAWC won’t stop him from volunteering to support the farmers. Al-Hidmi also saluted the efforts of all the local and international organizations that cooperated and still cooperates with UAWC to build a better future for the Palestinian farmers.


At the end of the ceremony, Al-Hidmi was honored by UAWC’s board of directors and staff, in addition to a number of local and international organizations.