UAWC concludes “Meeting the needs of Palestine refugees” project

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UAWC concludes “Meeting the needs of Palestine refugees” project

Ramallah- the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) concluded ” Meeting the needs of Palestine refugees, contributing to their protection and building the resilience of the residents of Birin, Husan, Wadi Abu Hindi and Al-Maleh villages” project, where refugees constituted more than 20% of the total population in order to protect them, strengthen their steadfastness over their lands, and improve their access to natural resources. The project targeted 1500 farmers

The project coordinator Dr. Moayyad Bisharat confirmed that the project was succeeded to rehabilitate eight water springs in two Bedouin communities in Tubas governorate, benefiting 50 Bedouin families directly and 130 shepherds indirectly. The rehabilitation of these springs increased the productivity of water from 9 cubic meters / hour to 25 cubic meters / hour daily. Therefore, each family was able to save  1000$ annually. The project also provided 160 business days for twenty unemployed youths.

Moreover, the UAWC rehabilitated 1315 meters of agricultural roads, and constructed other 500 meters of agricultural roads in Berrin village in the governorate of Hebron, benefiting 50 families in Berrin’s village and more than 800 families in Bani Naim village. Therefore, the project provided 15% of the transportation that was burden by the villages’ farmers, and increased their productivity as well.

On the other hand, the UAWC rehabilitated old water pond with a capacity of 650 cubic meters, benefiting 40 Bedouin families in Wadi Abu Hindi Bedouin in Jerusalem governorate, where the project provided 120 working days for 12 unemployed youths.

In the same context, the UAWC rehabilitated three water fountains serving 315 farmers, and feeding 400 dunums lands in Husan village in Bethlehem governorate, this project has provided 220 working days for twenty youths.

Moreover, the UAWC in partnership with the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee rehabilitated a garden, and supplied it with tables, speakers, ..etc, in the governorate of Hebron.

The success of this project achieved despite the constant attacks form the Israeli occupation to stop the implementation of the project activities and to prevent the UAWC from achieving its  strategic objectives to strengthen the steadfastness of small-scale farmers.