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UAWC concludes a training course about post-harvest methods

Ramallah- the Union of Agricultural Work committees concluded both theoretical and practical training course about post-harvest methods within “Market Oriented and Sustainable High Value Crops Sector Development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip ” project, which is implemented by the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO ) and funded by Netherlands Representative Office (NRO).

The training course targeted the project’s technical staff and representative of the Palestinian farmers from the north of the West Bank, in addition to representatives from Palestine Standards Institution.

UAWC’s project coordinator, Eng. Saleh Al-Ahmad, stressed on the importance of post-harvest methods in protecting the agricultural products’ conditions, maintaining their sustainability, and overcoming the marketing problems faced by farmers.

The trainer, Dr. Samir Droopy, stressed on the importance of applying post-harvest methods in increasing the economic returns thus improving the farmers’ income.

The training course included: an introduction to science and technology of  post-harvest methods, harvesting suitable dates, the best techniques and mechanisms to deal with agricultural products post-harvest process and proper practices for packaging agricultural products, in addition to major diseases that threaten the agricultural products.

It is important to note that the project targeted 1329 small-scale farmers in the West Bank and Gaza strip, from 21 agricultural committees, in addition to 6 women cooperatives. The project aimed at strengthening the farmers’ capacities to enhance their ability to provide the best quality services through production and marketing phases by supporting them to get GLOPALGAP certificates