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UAWC Celebrates Land Day in Bethlehem

Ramallah- The Union of Agricultural Work Committees and its agricultural committees in the Governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem organized land day activities under the slogan “Struggle for Land.” A demonstration was launched from Al-Khader in Bethlahem Governorate, and the participants planted olive saplings in an area surrounded by three Israeli Settlements.

UAWC pointed that land activities will continue in other Governorates, where the agricultural committees will plant saplings near Israeli settlements or areas that are threatened with Israeli confiscation.

UAWC emphasized on the importance of unifying the work and effort done to protect our land from the Israeli occupation’s violations.

The land day activities came with the start of the implementation of the occupational E1 plan that holds a drastic future for the Palestinians. The E1 plan ends future hopes in accomplishing land sovereignty and thus food sovereignty for the plan disrupts the territorial contiguity of the Palestinian territory and limits the available land for natural geographic expansion.


It is important to note that land activities are within Defending Our Rights project funded by Norwegian People’s Fund.