UAWC Celebrates Its First Graduates of Agricultural Engineers and Veterinarians

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UAWC Celebrates Its First Graduates of Agricultural Engineers and Veterinarians

Al-Bireh- the Union of Agricultural Work Committees celebrated its first graduates of agricultural engineers and veterinarians within “Building Technical Capacities for the graduates of the faculties of agriculture”, which was started on April 2014 and finished at end of April 2015.

The training program targeted 60 graduates and specialists in livestock and plant production, nutrition, and food processing, within “Moving herders from aid dependence to self-sustaining growth through livestock husbandry development and market expansion (SULALA)” project, which is funded by the European Union.

The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Zakaria Salawdeh, emphasized the importance of the participatory approach between UAWC and the Agricultural Engineers Association and Veterinarians Association, pointing out that this training program is   the first program interested in both theoretical and practical training.

In his speech, UAWC’s Acting Director, Fuad Abu Saif, stated that the training program was conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, An Najah and Hebron Universities, Palestinian Agricultural Engineers Association, Veterinarians Association and Bani Naim cooperative for sheep breeding.

Abu Saif added that this program is the first of its kind in the West Bank, where the trainees spent 6 months with 400 practical hours. The training program focused on typical sheep management, and other productive units such as fattening units, green barley unit and silage manufacturing unit. Moreover, this program provided the trainees the opportunity to conduct practical experiments in typical sheep farms, which belongs to UAWC and livestock associations in the governorate of Hebron.

Engineers Syndicate, Dr. Faisal Shreim, stressed on the true partnership between the trade unions and private institutions; he said, “We hope to continue our cooperation to target new graduates and provide them advanced training programs” “


Veterinarians Syndicate, Jamil Makhamreh, confirmed that this program is the first program targeting new graduates, pointing out that this program was the first step to enhance the relationship between public and private sectors.