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UAWC celebrates International Water Day in the WB & GS

The international Water Day has a special importance to the Palestinian people for the Israeli occupation have controlled most of the water resources in Palestine which have negatively affected all the Palestinian sectors especially the agricultural sector. As a result, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees organized several solidarity events and protests against the occupation’s policy in controlling all the water resources in Palestine.

In the West Bank, UAWC organized a solidarity stand with the farmers in Wadi Qana in the west side of Der Istia village in Silfit governorate to celebrate the International Water Day. The farmers in Wadi Qana are exposed to daily Israeli violations since they are surrounded by three Israeli settlements. Moreover, the Israeli Authorities has claimed the area as a natural reserve thus ban the owners of the land (the Palestinian farmers from Der Istia village) to cultivate the area and benefit from its wide areas and the abundance of its natural water resources.

The director of UAWC’s board of directors Rizq Al-Bargouthi participated in the event, and emphasized during his speech on the importance of the resistance in Wadi Qana. He also noted that UAWC will implement several projects related to protected water resources in Wadi Qana within the project “Defending Our Rights” funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

The farmers of Wadi Qana pointed to the importance of moral and materialistic support to remain in the valley and bear the Israeli violations. The profit of agriculture in the Wadi Qana is very low, thus developmental projects are needed to enhance the economic situation of the farmers.

Regarding the Gaza Strip, UAWC organized a demonstration to demand for the Palestinian rights in their water resources. Tens of farmers and fishermen participated in the demonstration in Der Al-Balah.


The participants emphasized that the sea water desalination project in the areas of the Gaza Strip should not include any type of waiver of the Palestinian rights in the water resources. The demonstrators called the international community and international donor institutions to pressure the Israeli occupation as specified in the international law to end Israel’s control and stealing of Palestinian water.