The Israeli Occupation Authorities continue the process of land confiscation

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The Israeli Occupation Authorities continue the process of land confiscation


Ramallah – September 13, 2012 – The Israeli Occupation Authorities continue to confiscate and seize more lands in the West Bank. It also stepped up its campaign against the farmers’ attempts to implement agricultural projects and dig water cisterns in an attempt to force them to leave their lands, especially lands are considered the only source of income for farmers and shepherds, in addition to the continuation of colonizers’ campaign in seizing the Palestinian lands.

Anti-colonialism and anti- wall activists confirmed that dozens of colonizers from “Efrat” colony, built illegally on the town’s land, took over a Palestinian-owned land (belongs to Joseph Elias Ghoneim) and began planting it, in the town of al-Khader, south of Bethlehem.

Eyewitnesses pointed out that the colonizers, armed with automatic weapons, planted the land  and they put the Israeli flag on the land in preparation for the seizure of the land. They also found leaflets written in Hebrew spread on large areas of farmers’ lands signed on behalf of “The Green Berets”, an organization led by Nadia Matar the Zionist/ National Socialist activist in Israel. The leaflets called the Israeli rabbis to issue an advisory opinion for all colonizers to spread on all hills in the West Bank for establishing outposts under the pretext of being the Promised Land.

Furthermore, the Israeli Occupation Authorities confiscated 1475 dunums, during the past two days, in Awarta, Burin, Ajensenaa, Al-Naqoura, Beit Iba and Zawata villages in Nablus province.

As it seems, the process of confiscation and attacks on farmers will continue and will get worse over the coming days. And this requires the intervention of international institutions and human rights organizations to stop the demolitions processes against Palestinian farmers and their lands.