The Israeli forces issued deportation orders against 10 Bedouin families in Al-Mughair Village

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The Israeli forces issued deportation orders against 10 Bedouin families in Al-Mughair Village

ely on livestock as a source of income in Al-Mughair Village, in the governorate of Ramallah.

Suliman Salamah, a Palestinian farmer who has lived in this village for 30 years, confirmed that the Israeli forced issued a deportation order against them in 2009, but it was not implemented due to the legal follow-ups. In 2015, the Israeli forces come back and issued another deportation order against all the families living there. 

Salamah added that deportation orders will lead to the displacement of 10 families consisting of 70 people, who insisted on staying on their lands despite the attacks Israeli settlers.

Moreover, he explained the suffering of 30 kids studying in Duma village near the governorate of ​​Nablus, where the students should walk 10 kilometers to reach their schools, and after the crime of burning Aldoabshh family; the village’s family became scared to send their kids to the schools  

Al-Mughair plain stretched to the Jordan Valley and the villages of Nablus, which are vast areas inhabited by Bedouins; the Israeli forces converted some of these areas into military training areas, others into natural areas. In addition, to their constant demolitioning of a number of tents which leads to the displacement of its people. It is important to note that the occupation authorities have issued deportation order for all the families living tents in the region, which means more theft of lands

The UAWC stressed on the importance of conducting activities in area idified as “C” to protect the land from confiscation and to support the Palestinian farmers and reinforce their steadfastness on their lands.

It is important to note that the legal unit in the UAWC followed up a number of military orders, and conduct a number of workshops to increase the farmers’ awareness about the legal procedures against the military orders.