Solidarity letter with Colombian peasants, indigenous and afro-descendant people

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Solidarity letter with Colombian peasants, indigenous and afro-descendant people

The organization UAWC salutes the struggles of the Colombian peasants, indigenous and afro-descendant people for peace, justice, equality and territory and asks the Colombian government to honor the commttments it made to be able to advance in the negotiations

23ed June 2016

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) expresses its strong support and solidarity with the Colombian peoples, especially rural people, indigenous, afro-descendant people, who are struggling the neoliberal policies and its impacts on their livelihoods and means of production, in way to gain their  fundamental rights to a full sovereignty, justice, and equality, where thousands of Colombian people have mobilized themselves massively under a banner ” Agrarian, Ethnic, Rural and Popular Minga,” .

The UAWC strongly supports the Colombian agricultural strike and the actual popular mobilizations in Colombia, which have been raised against massive land inequality and privatization decrees, as well as the calls for the government to commit with their previous agreements, where the Colombian government met this popular march with massive brutality to crush the strikers with force. The UAWC also aware that the Colombian people are not alone; the oppressing policies against the small scale farmers and human right defenders have increased not only in Colombia, but all over the world!

Therefore, the UAWC strongly condemn the repressive response against the right to protest, especially the excessive use of force and violence by the Colombian government, and calls the international community to put pressure on the Colombian government to end its violations against the small scale farmers,   arrange international and national social movements and activities in solidarity with Colombian people until they gain their rights to live in free country, where they enjoy their sovereignty over their own land and resources.

The UAWC asks for your prompt attention to this case.

In solidarity,