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14.     Tender validity

Tenders must remain valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline for submission of tenders.


15.     Period of delivery of tasks

The period of delivery of the tools for olive harvest for all locations is 60 days from the receipt of the starting order. Upon signing the contract and receiving the administrative order the contractor shall start supply works immediately. Delivery of Supplies shall start on June 26, 2014 and shall be completed by August 26, 2014.




16.     Selection criteria

The following selection criteria will be applied to tenderers. In the case of tenders submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole:

1)      Economic and financial capacity of tenderer. In case of tenderer being a public body, equivalent information should be provided.

2)       Professional capacity of tenderer (based on i.a. items 4 and 5 of the Tender Form for a Supply Contract)

3)      Technical capacity of tenderer (based on i.a. items 5 and 6 of the Tender Form for a Supply Contract)

An economic operator may, where appropriate and for a particular contract, rely on the capacities of other entities, regardless of the legal nature of the links which it has with them. Some examples of when it may not be considered appropriate by the Contracting Authority are when the tender rely in majority on the capacities of other entities or when they rely on key criteria. If the tender rely on other entities it must prove to the Contracting Authority that it will have at its disposal the resources necessary for performance of the contract, for example by producing an undertaking on the part of those entities to place those resources at its disposal. Such entities, for instance the parent company of the economic operator, must respect the same rules of eligibility and notably that of nationality, as the economic operator. Furthermore, the data for this third entity for the relevant selection criterion should be included in the tender in a separate document. Proof of the capacity will also have to be furnished when requested by the Contracting Authority.


17.     Award criteria

The best value for money which is a combination of price (60%), previous experience (20%) and installation period (20%).

The Contracting Authority has the right to delete or modify any item without any restraint by the Contractor.

The contracting authority will not necessarily choose on the basis of lowest price alone but will chose in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria.




18.     How to obtain the tender dossier

The tender dossier is available at the premises of Union of Agricultural Work Committees – Ramallah office (see item 5) upon payment of 145 euros or 695 Shekels. Tenders must be submitted using the standard tender form included in the tender dossier, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.

Tenderers with questions regarding this tender should send them in writing (mentioning the publication reference shown in item 1) at least 7 days before the deadline for submission of tenders given in item 19. The Contracting Authority must reply to all tenderers' questions at least 3 day before the deadline for submission of tenders. Eventual clarifications or minor changes to the tender dossier will be sent to tenderers at least 3 days before the submission deadline.


19.     Deadline for submission of tenders

The last date to submit the tenders is June 12, 2014- 11.00 a.m. in closed envelopes to the following address:-


Union of agricultural work committees

Al-Masyoun- Al-Tarifi Building "5th Floor", Ramallah

Tel/fax: 02-2980316/ 02-2965545


Tenders must be submitted using the standard Tender Form for a Supply Contract included in the tender dossier, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.

Any tender received after this deadline will not be considered.


20.     Tender opening session

Tender opening session will be held on June 12, 2014 at 1:00 pm local time at UAWC office in Al-Masyoun – Al Tarifi building "5th Floor”, Ramallah, and Tel/fax: 02-2980316 /02-2965545.


21.     Language of the procedure

All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English (If written communications was in Arabic then it shall be translated into English).


22.     Legal basis

The Project is co-financed by the European Union, in accordance with the rules of 2011 - Food Security Programme in the occupied Palestinian territory

UAWC is the beneficiary of the gran contract, will act as the Contracting Authority for this tender as per signed contract with European Union no. DCI-FOOD/2012/308-535.





Note: All tenders must be submitted in 1 original (singed & stamped); and all tender documents must be filled and stamped by bidders attached with the following requested documents:


1. Country of origin certificate for the supplies: شهادة منشأ توضح البلد المنتجة للمواد الموردة

2. The registration certificate for the company: شهادة تسجيل الشركة

3. Valid deduction from origin:سارية المفعول  شهادة خصم من المصدر

4. Company’s CV/ Profile: السيرة الذاتية للشركة

5. Company’s Financial Statements for the past three years: القوائم المالية للشركة خلال السنوات الثلاث الماضية

6. Bank guarantee (5% of the tender’s value) valid for 90 days: كفالة دخول عطاء بقيمة 5% من قيمة العطاء سارية لمدة 90 يوماً










Noura Maslamani

UAWC Procurement officer

Union of Agricultural Work Committees

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