The Union of Agricultural Work Committees finishes restoring 200 dunams of land, and constructing 16 house gardens in Khan Yunis.


12/08/2018 - UAWC finished constructing 16 house gardens, and introducing agricultural products for nearly 200 dunams of land in Al-Mawasi region, Khan Yunis. The project was directed towards 16 women working to support their families, as well as 50 farmers with limited income. The project aims to encourage farmers to use treated sewage water for watering their crops.

The constructed family gardens contained a chicken egg farm, and planted vegetable, olive and citrus trees’ saplings. The gardens also contained an irrigation network and a water tank. The contributions brought to the dunams of land were saplings of olive and citrus trees; an irrigation network; and fertilizers and agricultural tools.

During the project’s implementation period, several beneficiaries were trained on topics such as utilizing treated sewage for watering plants, dealing with agricultural pests and safe ways of using pesticides. Women were also trained on managing the farms and house gardens.

The construction of the house gardens and introducing agricultural products was part of the empowering local communities’ project, and had received funding from the Canadian government.

UAWC constantly works towards supporting farmers and fishermen, enabling them to reach their lands and sources of income, and supporting their resilience through a number of projects and programs.