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UAWC Organize a Field Tour for Agricultural Observations for Northern Jordan Valley cooperatives

    • Ramallah - The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) carried out a field tour for the farmers of the Ain Al-Bayda Agricultural Cooperative and the Green Agricultural Cooperative  in the Northern Jordan Valley Region for a number of agricultural observations of fruit that were introduced three years ago in Habla area in Qalqiliya. Tulkarem The participants were briefed on the financial and administrative regulations in force and the mechanism of work in the nursery and the compost factory.

    • During the tour, participants visited the carobola, pomegranate, lychee and a number of avocado and manga varieties. They were introduced to the way they grow, their needs of pesticides, fertilizers and water and their economic feasibility. The visit aimed at sensitizing the participating farmers to the fact that there are crops that can be planted locally, especially that these crops will contribute to agricultural diversity, which in turn contributes to not flooding the local market with traditional products and providing market requirements for agricultural crops imported from foreign markets.

    • The project is part of the project to support economic growth through the development of the Agricultural Value Chain in the West Bank, funded by Globa Affairs Canada and implemented by FAO and the Federation of Agricultural Work Committees, targeting 25 West Bank cooperatives with 2,500 young people Profitable crop producers in the West Bank, to strengthen the capacities of target associations and enhance their ability to provide quality and sustainable services to farmers during the production and marketing stages.