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UAWC Continue with Distributing Inputs for Livestock Production and train Farmers to Use them Bedouin Communities

Hebron- The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) finished distributing livestock production input to 12 families that relies on raising livestock and live under harsh circumstances at Far’a community in Ithna near Hebron, the inputs included substances and tools for manufacturing of dairy products, in addition to many manuale tools and sterilizers that are used during the process of making milk and cheese, in addition to distributing a group of special material that can be used to test the safety of the milk produced and livestock as well.  

Agricultural engineer Omar Al-Teeti who specialises in livestock production at UAWC provided a training for farmers on how to use these tools and substances, and how to run test for milk and manufacture cheese and dairy products.

This activity is part of the project called  "Improving Agricultural Production Systems and Livestock through Solar Power Generation and Enhancing Productive Activities" carried out by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in partnership with the Energy Research Center (ERC), the Independent Energy Services Center (SEBA) and funded by the Municipality of Barcelona.

This activity comes within the vision of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmers by enhancing their access to their natural resources and their sovereignty over them.