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La Via Campasina Holds a Meeting in Ramallah

The Palestinian branch of La Via Campasina movement held a meeting at UAWC’s headquarters in Ramallah, the meeting was attended by all the Campasina’s members from all governorates, the goal of this meeting was to discuss an internal draft of Rules of procedure for the movement, add comments in order to finalize it,this step comes as a preparation for the upcoming Palestinian La Via Campasina conference.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed an initial work plan for the movement in the year 2018 and they agreed on organizing monthly meetings to follow up on farmers issues in Palestine and the Arab region.

The Palestinian branch of La Via Campasina was launched end of last year through a conference that was held in Rmallah on 28/11/2017, as an extension an international movement La Via Campasina that coordinates peasant organizations of small and middle-scale producers, agricultural workers, rural women, and indigenous communities from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe, and have around 200 million member, the movement was founded in 1993, UAWC obtained the its membership end of 2013, representing Palestine in the movement"

The most important rights for which the movement is struggling for on the national level are exposing the practices and violations of the occupation against Palestinian land and the Palestinian people on an international level, in addition to mobilizing international support for the rights of the Palestinian farmers and the struggle to achieve the rights of the peasants to be part of the social security and insurance and health care funds. In order to establish a fund to support and compensate farmers damages and losses resulting from natural disasters and work diligently to raise the share of the agricultural sector in the public budget commensurate with the size of the contribution of this sector to the gross output and its national and historical importance.