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UAWC Finalise Distributing Production Inputs for Livestocks in Ithna -Hebron

 Hebron- Union of Agricultural Work Committees finalised distributing a number of production inputs for several Bedouin communities located at Ithna in Hebron area, 12 Bedouin families who rely on livestock were targeted with the goal of enhancing their steadfastness and help them meet their needs in order to achieve a level of dignified living, the distribution process will proceed in the near future. 

UAWC distributed Electric dispensers,Blade shears to shave wool and cut nails, in addition to Milk containers and a number of Salt Stones, in addition to distributing  Hand Carts to all the families in the locality. 

The distribution process was followed by UAWC’s specialised Engineer.Amer Titi, who specializes in Livestocks, where he followed up closely with the communities on how to use the distributed tools and maintain it.

This activity is part of the project called  "Improving Agricultural Production Systems and Livestock through Solar Power Generation and Enhancing Productive Activities" carried out by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in partnership with the Energy Research Center (ERC), the Independent Energy Services Center (SEBA) and funded by the Municipality of Barcelona.