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The Union of Agricultural Work Committees issued its annual report for 2017 about the Israeli Occupation attacks against fishermen in the Gaza Strip.

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees- UAWC in Gaza issued a detailed report about the Israeli Occupation Navy violations and attacks against the Palestinian Fishermen in the Gaza Strip during 2017. These attacks that denies fishermen from practicing their fishing work and accessing their livelihood resources. The report states that the Israeli Occupation Forces carried out hundreds of shooting operations and chasing the fishermen inside the allowed fishing zone, causing dozens of casualties as well as destroying and confiscating boats and fishing gears.

The UAWC adopts the direct and immediate documentations for 2017 report.  a team consists of UAWC staff and Local Committees managers and members to follow up on continuously the Israeli attacks through direct communication with the fishermen. Later on these attacks are published and on the documentation of Israeli violations against the fishermen https://www.facebook.com/fishermengaza.

Two fishermen were killed as a result of the Israeli attacks; Mohammad Ahmad Al-Hessi, 33 years and Mohammad Majid Baker 25 years. 21 fishermen were injured by live and metal bullets and 39 fishermen were arrested in harsh conditions, humiliation and irrespective the human dignity, transferring them to detention and interrogation centers in Ashdod seaport. In addition, 3 boats were completely damaged and 6 partially, 13 boats from different sizes were confiscated, and tens of fishing nets and gears were damaged and stolen by the Israeli occupation naval forces.

On the other hand, the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip is still enforced and the fishermen are denied to sail and fishing in more than 6 nautical miles, whereas the Oslo Agreement stipulated the allowed fishing zone is up to 20 nautical miles. 

The UAWC considered that the Israeli Occupation State is continuously violating the international conventions of human rights especially the International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, through aggression and terrorism acts against fishermen and their rights to work, to live, security and personal safety. In addition, UAWC is considering that the Israeli occupation exercising a collective punishment against Gaza populations including fishermen which is an outrageous violation to human rights principles. 

In the end of the report, the UAWC condemned the continuous Israeli Occupation attacks and violations against Gaza mainly the fishermen, and demanded the international community to go out of silence, and to take immediate actions to stop these brutal attacks and violations, to provide protection for fishermen and to ensure that they practice fishing without fear or intimidation.

Besides that, the UAWC calls the Human Rights Council and the Semitic Parties contracting on the Fourth Geneva Convention to take real actions against the blatant violation of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention by the Israeli Occupation. Moreover, to consider that the Israeli Occupation is committing war crimes requires that perpetrators are presented to the International Criminal Court and not to exempt them from these crimes.