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Al-Quds Open University and UAWC Sing a Memorandum of Cooperation

 Al-Quds Open University, represented by its Chairman Prof. Dr. Younis Amr, and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)‎‏, represented by its Director General, Mr. Eng.  Fouad Abu Saif, signed a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation on Sunday, 11-2-2018.

The Memorandum of Understanding aims at cooperating in academic and agricultural fields to implement activities related to sustainable development and agricultural development.

The signing took place at the headquarter of Al-Quds Open University in Ramallah, with the presence of Mr.Rizeq Barghouthi; Chairman of Board of Directors of the Union, and Mr. Majid Nasser; Director of operations and development at the Union. On behalf of the university, the attendance included; Prof. Dr Samir Al-Najdi; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Alaa Al shakhshir, Assistant President for Monitoring Affairs,Prof. Mohammad Shahin, Dean of student affairs,Mr. Maen Shaqwara; Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Ms. Sulafa Musallam, Director of Public Relation Department, Shadi Diab; Head of IT Accreditations and IBT Test Centers Unit, and Awad Mishal; University Internal Relations Officer at the university.

The Memorandum states that both sides will cooperate to exchange of relevant information and statistics, and support applied agricultural research by providing financial support to graduates and their individual income-generating projects. The MOU also promotes practical training for students of the Faculty of Agriculture, as well as cooperation to hold conferences and workshops in the fields of agricultural sciences, environment and water.


 The university president a. Dr.. Amr welcomed the delegation and briefed them on the latest academic developments at Al-Quds Open University, including the intention of the university in to purchase in buildings in all governorates, and the establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Center for Agricultural Research. These steps are based on its  belief in the need to pay attention to these majors that connect the person to his land to protect it from colonial activity, noting the need to move towards giving more care to the agricultural sector by considering it an important contributor to the national economy and sustainable development.

Amro also added:” Al-Quds Open University is an institution that belongs to the nation, we are very keen to mainstream education in Palestine, the university have succeeded in providing all  E-Learning media tools, the latest was through launching Alquds Educational TV, the university have also gave generous attention to specialized research centers and scientific research centers, like the Agricultural Research Center.


Mr.Rizeq Barghouthi spoke about the efforts UAWC put in supporting farmers in their steadfastness in their land, pointing that signing this Memorandum comes within the efforts UWAC puts in building partnerships with National and Academic institutions that aspire to develop the agricultural sector. He also added that UAWC is happy with the relation with Al-Quds Open university as a leading national educational institution, and has succeeded in graduating competent educators managed to serve their country and outperformed among their peers.

"UWAC has strong relations with most institutions and we believe that the universities have an important developmental role, especially in the exceptional situation of our people. The colleges of agriculture are integrated with the institutions operating in the agricultural areas, where the real conflict with the occupation is manifested," said Fouad Abu Saif. .

. Dr.. Al-Najdi  said that The agreement contributes to providing training for students in the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and contributes to the development of education in Palestine.

From his end, Shakwara said that the wide scope of cooperation between Jerusalem Open and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, and that the university graduated - especially in the agricultural field - a distinct quality of its students who are highly qualified and able to serve their people by taking over their jobs.