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Completion of Rehabilitation of Ein el-Zarqa and Umm Al-Rumman Springs in Ramallah

 Palestinian Hydrology Group finished working on rehabilitating Ein el-Zarqa and Umm al-Rumman Springs, both springs are located in lands that follows Western Bani Zaid village at in Ein Qinya near  Ramallah, the rehabilitation comes as part of “Baydar” project which is run by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and funded by the dutch representative office and in partnership with: Land Research Center, The Economic and Social Development Center (ESDC),the Palestinian Hydrology Group and Palestinian Ministry Of Agriculture. 

The rehabilitation work carried out that targeted the springs aimed at preserving them as natural resources in light of the shortage of water that exists as a result of the occupation full control over natural resources. These interventions are also aimed at serving  farmers in the area, where the spring water will provide them with an important water source to irrigate their crops.

As a result of cleaning and rehabilitation work carried out, the production capacity of the Umm al-Rumman Springs in Ein Qinya notably increased from 10 to 25 cubic centimeter of water per day and Ein Zarka spring from 50 to 100 cubic centimeter of water per day during the dry season and to more than 200 cubic centimeter of water per day in the winter season, It is expected that more than 60 farmers will benefit from the rehabilitation of springs, in terms of availability and quality of water sources.

The rehabilitation activities were executed under full coordination with Palestine Water Authority and Ministry Of Agriculture.