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UAWC Sign an Agreement to Build Two Metal Farm Ponds for Irrigation in Beit Ula/Hebron

 The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)‎‏, represented by its Director General, Mr. Eng. Fouad Abu Saif, signed an agreement with Beit Ula Municipality in Hebron governorate, the purpose of this agreement is to establish two Metal Farm Ponds with the capacity of 600 Cubic centimetre, the signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Majdi Shaheen who was representing both Water Authority and Hebron Department of Agriculture.

The ponds which are planned to be built near “Beer Al-Qaws” water spring and “Beer Al-Suwaid” water spring will be able to serve hundreds of dunoms of agricultural land and tens of farmers who will benefit from the water that will be harvested through the ponds, which will contribute to enhance the steadfastness of farmers in their lands that are located near the annexation wall and suffer from lack of water resources.