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Israeli Incitement Continues Within its Integrated Colonial Policy to Criminalize Palestinians

In an inseparable context from the overall policies practiced by the Israeli occupation since its establishment, incitement campaigns against Palestinian people and national organizations have been taking place on many levels, targeting everything that’s Palestinian and targeting anyone who stands in support of the Palestinian cause and the occupied Palestinian people.

Historically, Israeli propaganda machine have always been considered one of the main incitement platforms, the founders of the occupation state have always considered media to be one of the most important lines of defense of the Zionist project, they’ve always used it as a tool to fixate the Zionist project on the ground and justify its colonial policies on the land of Palestine.

In addition to the media efforts, there are several Israeli settler organizations that have direct connection to the occupation government, the Israeli government have allocated millions of dollars to support their work and help them achieve their mission. To name few of these organizations: (NGO Monitor, IMPACT-se (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, Reut Group’s).

The settler organization “Regavim” is considered one of the main organizations that receives the biggest support/funding from the Israeli government, its mission is summarized in what they call “protecting national lands”.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of 2017 until October 2017, settlers have uprooted 4000 olive trees, not to mention other kinds of trees. How can someone that claims their entitlement to the land continue to destroy one the holiest components of it. ”Regavim” is active in evicting and expelling Palestinians from their lands and work on establishing outposts on Occupied Palestinian lands, the organization receives funding estimated with millions of shekels from the Settlement Councils and the Israeli government.

Watch: Settlers destroy and uproot olive trees in Huwwara-Nablus



The mission of the settler organizations is focused on monitoring and tracking
Palestinian civil organizations and their activities on the ground, based on
this tracking, they launch  incitement campaigns against Palestinian organizations and place accusations on them with the target of suspending them from work. Mainly, the targets are Palestinian human rights organization that works on defending Palestinian ownership to the land, and the right to defend it, as stipulated in international covenants.

Settlers organization’s goal does not stop here, it exceeds it to reach the level of incitement against international organizations that supports and help the Palestinian cause by putting pressure on them to stop funding Palestinians.

Lately, within the continuing campaign, instigated by “Regavim”, Israeli media outlets have launched a new wave of incitement against the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), after monitoring and tracking done by “Regavim” which is run by settlers living on a stolen land that belongs to Palestinian owners.

The campaign represents a platform of incitement against Palestinian people and encourage settlers to build more colonial outposts as part of the settlements expansion, also, it work on expelling Palestinians and uproot them from their land,
despite all the international laws and human rights which stipulated the illegality of this occupation and its practices on the ground, and the right of the Palestinian people to defend their land.

According to a study conducted by the Land Research Center, the Israeli government and settlers have confiscated over 9784 dunums in the West Bank (including Jerusalem), demolished around 500 residency and facility, have
threatened to demolish around 855 residency and facility, established 8 new settler outposts, and currently building 3122 new housing unit while expanding 60 Zionists Colony.

The majority of the Palestinian organizations are considered a target of incitement practiced by Israeli government affiliates. Their mission is to monitor the work of Palestinian organizations and incite against them, the foundation of the incitement  against UAWC is the nature of its activities in Area C (according to the Oslo agreement), which are areas under Israeli civilian and military control, comprise over 60% of the West Bank, UAWC’s work focuses on land rehabilitation, and land afforestation in order to protect the land from confiscation and theft by the Israeli government and settlers under the pretext that it is abandoned land. The latest UAWC afforestation campaign targeted several areas that are under threat of
confiscation in the West Bank, shortly after that, an incitement campaign
against UAWC began in the Israeli media which described the work of UAWC as an attempt to establish a Palestinian National Fund, similar to the Jewish
National Fund, with the aim of establishing and imposing a de facto Palestinian

The occupation’s efforts continue with legislating laws that aims to persecute Palestinians in order to deter them from defending their land since they are occupied people, international conventions guaranteed Palestinians the right to defend their land and dignity in the face of the crimes of the occupation that have been committed against Palestinians for 100 over years. Everything that is Palestinian is under attack, including trees, stones, and humans.

For example: Israeli occupation forces have arrested over 300 Palestinian during the year 2017 with charges of incitement on social media, some were accused of incitement due to a “like” or “share” on Facebook, meanwhile, incitement is a fundamental element of the life of Israeli settlers on all levels. 

The occupation’s government is attempting to suffocate Palestinians from every side, on all levels, by targeting Palestinian organizations, launching campaigns against them. This is a manifestation of the colonial project in Palestine, an attempt to prevent any Palestinian from steadfastness on their land and demand for their rights. That’s why you can see Israeli journalists and settlers speaking as if they are land owners and as if they are entitled to this land where they describe Palestinians as terrorists trying to steal the land and cultivate it forcibly.

The occupation’s government is aware that all the attempts to uproot Palestinians from their land have failed, the Palestinian farmer is persistent on protecting his/her land and stay in the land despite the killing, uprooting trees that have lived for hundreds of years, before the founders of this entity came up with the idea of establishing it. The latest of these crimes was the killing of farmer Mahmoud Odeh from Qusra village by a group of settlers while he was cultivating his land, when a group of settlers tried to evict him from his land, when he refused, his fate was a bullet that pierced his body and killed a farmer that have set an example for the farmer that have always been steadfast in his land and insisted on rehabilitating it and protect it from Israeli settler’s fascism.


UAWC is working on achieving their primary goal which is to protect the land and support farmers, a legitimate act that doesn't conflict with any international law or international legitimacy. Yet, the occupation government and settler’s actions are the contrary to anything human, legitimate and logical.

It's a shame really that Palestinian who owns the land, lives under occupation have reached a stage where they have to justify their steadfastness on their land and justify defending it.  While facing official international complicity with the occupation state that practices the most severe daily crimes against the Palestinian people, theft of land and identity, killing and arrest of individuals with no consideration of the international community or charters, treaties and legitimacy.

What is required today from friends and supporters of the Palestinian people is to stand against the incitement of the occupation government and its settlers, to support the Palestinian people and organizations by exposing crimes committed by the occupation, isolate and boycott the occupation and its institutions
that works on monitoring and tracking of Palestinian civil society in order to criminalize them.

photo credit: Yousef Deriyyeh (a Girl from Ain Kerzelyya area in Jordan valley after demolishing their tents.