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UAWC and Via Campesina-Palestine Demand for an Immediate Protection of Palestinian Farmers

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Palestine and Via Campesina-Palestine condemns the attack that was  on 22\1\2018 carried by a group of settlers from “Kawkab Sabah” settlement , a settlement established on a stolen land from Deir Jarir village in the governorate of Ramallah. An 18 years old Farmer called Saber Ibrahim and his mother were the victims of a recent attack, where Saber was left severely injured with a fracture in his skull.


Saber who is currently living in a Bedouin locality between the governorates of Ramallah and al-Bireh and the governorate of Jericho and the Jordan Valley, was herding in the area when he was encountered with a group of settlers, he decided to head home quickly to avoid the attack, yet they followed him to his house and tried to steal his sheeps, Saber refused to let them take anything and that's when the settlers started attacking him and his mother with sharp batons and sticks.


Jamal Ka’abneh (Saber’s Uncle) said that: “the area is constantly subjected to settlers attacks carried by organized settler groups like “The Hills Boys” or “Pay The Price” group, these are extreme settler groups that carries attacks and crimes against Palestinians, their houses, their lands, they steal the livestock then kill it, they attack farmers”.

Ka’abneh added: “the main goal behind all these attacks is to displace us from here so they can confiscate more land and build more settlements, where in fact, many inhabitants of this area have left as a result of these constant attacks”


The offense lead by the Israeli occupation government and its settlers on Palestinian people on all levels is constantly escalating, whether it was through indictments, arrests, attacks and murder, similar to the case of farmer Mahmoud Odeh (31 years old) from Qusra village in the governorate of Nablus, who was killed by a group of settlers while cultivating his land.


The international community is demanded today to stand rigidly against the crimes committed against the Palestinian people in general and the Palestinian farmers in particular, the international community is obligated to deter this occupation that puts its colonial policy above all considerations, law or legitimacy. UAWC and Via Campesina-Palestine wants to warn from the escalation of these crimes and call upon all the friends, the allies and supporters of the Palestinian people to pressure their governments to put pressure on the occupation’s entity, isolate it and boycott it, end the occupation of the Palestinian land, protect its farmers who are in the front lines in defending the land.