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Israeli railways involve in occupying Palestinian lands


Ramallah – An Israeli Railways, the state-owned principal railway company, collaborated with colonizers in their continued operations in occupying and controlling private Palestinian lands. For instance, the company contributes to occupy a plot, near Shebtin village northern West Bank, in order to establish a park for the benefit of the colonizers of “Nili” colony, established on the village’s lands.

According to “Haaretz”, the Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, the plot owned by Shebtin’s residents covers an area of ​​30 dunums, half of it is considered a private property of the village’s residents. Moreover, “Mattei Benjamin”, the Colonies Council in northern West Bank came to agreement with the Railways Company to transfer what is left of the tunneling process, in Al-Latrun area, to destruct the valley near “Nili” colony in preparation for the establishment of the park. However, the Railways Company moves daily 100 containers full of dust to prepare the ground for the establishment of the park.