International Call to End Israeli Violations against Palestinian Farmers

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International Call to End Israeli Violations against Palestinian Farmers

International Call to End Israeli Violations against Palestinian

2000 Olive
Trees will be Uprooted

January, 2017

Yesterday, 16th
January,2017, the Israeli occupation started to uproot
(2000) of olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers in Qaliqilai
governorate to build bypass road connecting illegal settlements over
(104) dunum of the
Palestinian lands; each of these olive trees holds the memory of many proud
Palestinian generations; each Palestinian olive tree is history.

We caution that the year of 2017 will witness a huge increase in
land confiscation and settlement expansion, especially after the Israeli
rejection of the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 that states that the Israeli
settlement activity constitutes a “flagrant violation” of international
law and has “no legal validity”; the Israeli government announced
that it will not abide by its terms. Further, it approved the establishment of
(1506) housing units in Jerusalem.  It
is important to mention that the year of 2016 witnessed an increase of
58% of land confiscation and settlement expansion.
In essence, the increase of the Israeli confiscation is part of the
Israeli extremist, right-wing government’s tendency to
confiscate all areas idified as “C” to kill two-state solution. 


We call all the Human Rights Organizations, activists and Social
Justice Movements to raise their voice to end the Israeli violations against
the Palestinian farmers and the agricultural sector
. Your action might

Write a statement against land
confiscation (land grabbing)

Breaking the international
community’s silence and acting immediately to protect the Palestinian people
and put pressure to end the Israeli Occupation.

Arranging International and
national social movements and activities to 
start effective demonstrations in front of the Israeli embassies where available
to stop the Israeli violation against our nation

Boycotting the Israeli occupation
and the settlements products, and the
diplomatic relations

Union of Agricultural Work Committees