Global Action against the Use of Starvation as Genocide in Palestine

Global Action against the Use of Starvation as Genocide in Palestine



As a result of the deliberate actions carried out by the Israeli occupation of Palestine, hundreds of thousands of residents of Gaza are being denied access to sufficient food, are suffering from extreme hunger, and confront the growing risk of death by starvation. The intentional, ongoing use of hunger as a tool of genocide adds to the massacre of nearly 30,000 Gazans, a third of whom are children, and another third women. Despite the fact that many nations and international institutions have demanded a ceasefire, Israel continues to bomb civilian infrastructure and—with the help of its accomplices—to block access to humanitarian and food aid, along with other supplies necessary for the survival of the people of Gaza.

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) is a Palestinian organization founded in 1986 by agronomists, with a focus on food sovereignty and empowering peasant farmers in the West Bank and Gaza through a sustainable community-based liberational developmental framework. We belong to numerous international networks, among them La Vía Campesina and ICSGP. In the current context in which an entire population is suffering from hunger and confronts the risk of death by starvation, we call upon the people of the world to carry out a GLOBAL DAY OF FASTING in solidarity with the people of Gaza, donating the money not spent on food to our emergency anti-starvation fund, or to another organization working on the ground to fight the deliberate use by Israel of starvation as a tool of genocide and to provide food directly to people in Gaza.

Together, we can send a powerful message from every corner of the earth condemning the use by Israel and its accomplices of starvation as a tool of genocide.