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Gaza farmers and fishermen protest against Israeli violations

Gaza – Hundreds of fishermen and farmers participated in a protest against the Israeli violations in their land and sea. The protest was organized by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Gaza Strip.


The protesters raised the Palestinian flag in addition to raising banners that condemn the Israeli violations against Palestinian farmers and fishermen. The protesters called the international community to end the Occupation’s violations and attacks.

UAWC’s agricultural committees’ coordinator in Gaza Saad Ziadeh read the letter that was handed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations’ representative in Gaza. The letter calls for the immediate intervention to stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinians.

“The silence of the international community and the leniency of the United Nations towards the aggressive Israeli policies and violations over the past years and the failure to take serious action to force the Israeli occupation to stop its attacks has pushed and encouraged Israel to continue to violate international humanitarian law,” Ziadeh added.

The protestors called for lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip, allowance of free movement of citizens and goods to and from Gaza, stopping the attacks on the fishermen and allowing them to fish freely and safely in the agreed water limits in the Oslo agreement at the very least, stopping attacks on farmers and the abolition of the restricted area. The protest also called for compliance with the international law, international humanitarian law and international conventions and treaties, including the Fourth Geneva Convention.