Completion of the activities of the Asian People Fund’s General Assembly in Palestine

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Completion of the activities of the Asian People Fund’s General Assembly in Palestine

Ramallah- The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) along with the Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC) completed the week of activities for the General Assembly of the Asian People Fund (APF).

The fifth general assembly meeting of APF was held in Palestine for the first time as a way to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just case. The activities included a launching reception, the fifth general assembly meeting, and a number of field visits to acknowledge the reality of the Palestinian agricultural sector.

In his speech, UAWC’s General Director Khaled Al-Hidmi stressed that the meeting reinforces the principles of fair trade. Moreover, Al Hidmi explained the Palestinian farmers’ current circumstances due to the Israeli occupation, and took the opportunity to appreciate the solidarity of APF and their small project grants for the farmers.

The director of PARC’s advocacy department Munjed Abu Jeish reinforced the appreciation towards APF’s great solidarity with the Palestinian people that is seen through holding the meeting in Palestine for the first time. Abu Jeish also explained that UAWC and PARC have notes regarding the Governments strategy for Gaza’s relief noting that Gaza’s actual need is people solidarity.

APF’s Secretary Tomas Kobayashi stated that they aim to expand their financial grants given to developing Asian countries, especially the countries that face many difficulties regarding receiving grants for developmental projects. Kobayashi stated that APF will continue their solidarity campaign with the Palestinian people especially after the latest war on Gaza.

In his speech the chairperson of APF’s Board of Directors Fujita Kazuyoshi stressed that there are reports that show the Palestinians loss of land due to the Israeli occupation and their continuous struggle against the occupation’s control on the natural resources. He ended his speech appreciating the emergency relief work of UAWC and PARC during the latest war on Gaza.

Lastly, the chairperson of UAWC’s board of directors Ali Hasouneh highlighted the negative impacts of the Israeli violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip especially regarding land and water. Hasouneh noted that 62% of the Palestinian land is in area “C” where the Palestinian farmers are banned to dig water wells and to build shelters for their livestock, in addition to banning them from accessing their land and other constant occupational violations.