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Colonizers attack three young men south of Nablus


Nablus – A group of colonizers from “Itamar” colony, established on Aqraba village, south east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, attacked three young men. The three suffered several injuries and fractures. This was after the young men inspected their Olive trees as part of the preparation for the olive harvest season near the colony, where they were transferred to Rafidia hospital in Nablus to receive treatment.

The three injured young men are: Maher Hashem Bani Jaber (35 years old) and his brother Omar Hashem Bani Jaber (26 years old), and Hafeth Netham Bani Jaber (26 years old). It is noteworthy that Nablus province witnessed recently a serious escalation in the Israeli aggressive procedures through uprooting olive trees and burning large amount of them, by the Israeli Occupation Authorities and the colonizers, in addition to confiscating 675 dunums of Awarta’s lands(a village south of Nablus)  and Burin’s lands( a village east of Nablus).