A delegation of UAWC visits the committees and UAWC’s braches of in the Gaza Strip

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A delegation of UAWC visits the committees and UAWC’s braches of in the Gaza Strip

 delegation of UAWC’s Board of Directors and members of the Executive Body paid a field visit to the offices, facilities and plantations in the various governorates in the Gaza Strip, this step came in the framework of strengthening the relationship and communication between the Board of Directors and the Executive body on the one hand, and the workers in the different agricultural and fishermen committees on the other hand. 

Mr. Jadba, the Chair of UAWC’s Board of Directors in the Gaza Branch, expressed his happiness with the visit, where the delegation was introduced to UAWC’s facilities, and met and talked to representatives of the agricultural and fishermen committees; Mr. Jadba clarified that the visit aims to strengthen the relationship and communication with the agricultural committees members, and listen to their evaluation and comments on UAWC’s  work, if they have any problems, or if they have any further suggestions to UAWC’s  performance in serving the agricultural community and reinforce its resistance.

The delegation visited the offices of the agricultural committees in the central governorate, Khan Younis, Rafah, and northern of Gaza, it also visited UAWC’s plantation in Khan Yunis, Beit Lahiya, and Beit Hanoun. 

The field tour also consisted of a visit to the Agricultural Training and Development Center in Al-Mawasi in Khan Yunis, it is the first center in The Gaza Strip, which the UAWC started building, in order to improve the agricultural output, and agricultural tools and means, taking into consideration environmental preservation and public health, and providing an opportunity of training and learning for those who are interested in the agricultural sector.

The visit ended in Bet Lahiya’s plantation. The visit was very fruitful and successful, and will be repeated on a regular basis to ensure the continuity of communication with all of the employees and the Union’s committees, to benefit from their assessment, feedback, and advice.