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A mass campaign to support the steadfastness of farmers and protect their land and environment through trees planting

 Ramallah, in line with the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) strategic objectives of preserving the rights of Palestinian farmers, defending their rights, protecting their lands and preserving the environment, especially in the classified as C, UAWC in cooperation with Welfare association carried out one of its most important activities in July with the participation of more than 500 volunteers.

The campaign aims to strengthen the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers, especially small-scale farmers, protect their land and enhance their income through the cultivation of olive trees. Up to now, about 350 dunums of agricultural land have been cultivated and were protected from the threat of confiscation in Khader village, west of Bethlehem, Kufar Malik in Ramallah governorate, and Deir Samet in the west of Dura.

UAWC's director, Fuad Abu Saif stressed that the importance of cultivation of lands threatened with confiscation lies in the fact that it is a project against the great danger that threatens not only the agricultural land, but the Palestinian people and their presence on their land, where hundreds of volunteers from all governorates participated in this campaign, as well as a number of members UAWC's agricultural committees

It is noteworthy that this project was extended over two months, where 6250 olive seedlings were distributed and 350 dunums of threatened land were cultivated in Kufr Malik and Deir Samet and Al-Khader. 60 male and female farmers were benefited from these activities. The campaign has already been coordinated and arranged with the volunteers and the local community, where prior meetings were held with committees, village councils, farmers and volunteers to arrange the cultivation process.