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UAWC completes needs assessment meetings for farmers in the Jordan Valley

The Union of Work Committees (UAWC) completed a series of meetings with farmers from Jordan Valley areas, who are benefited from the project for "the defence of Palestinian land and water rights in the Jordan Valley" that is funded by the German Foreign Office through IFA and in collaboration with Medico International. In essence, UAWC held four meetings with farmers and beneficiaries of the project activities in the areas of Bardala, Tammoun, Jiftlik, Marj Na'ja, Ain Al Baida and the Sakut area. The total number of farmers participating in needs assessment meetings in the regions was approximately 100 farmers.

The meetings, which were aimed at identifying farmers' training needs on agricultural and legal aspects, concluded that farmers need to conduct training on irrigation systems, legal workshops to deal with intensive military orders faced by farmers there, as well as training on farmers' rights to access their land and natural resources.

It is worth mentioning that this project comes in line with UAWC's strategic plan, which aims to enhance the steadfastness of small farmers in their lands by protecting them from the constant Israeli violations. The project activities include training and awareness raising activities, surveying 650 dunums of agricultural land threatened with confiscation, providing metal and plastic water lines, and rehabilitation of agricultural pond with a capacity of 3500 cubic meters, as well as the supply of irrigation networks and local seeds to 215 farmers.