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UAWC and Al-Quds University sign a partnership agreement

 The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) represented by its director Fuad Abu Saif, signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with Al Quds University - AbuDais, represented by its president Dr Imad Abu Kishk. This agreement comes within the framework of "Inclusive Access to and Sustainable Management of Land and Water Resources" program activities.

The activities of the program include financing the study of 30 graduate students and covering the needs of scientific research in sustainable development topic

From UAWC's part, Abu Saif stressed the importance of linking the theoretical and practical aspects in the process of learning, since UAWC considers this type of teaching as an important for different obstacles facing the agricultural sector in Palestine. Therefore, UAWC hopes that a real sustainable development will be achieved through this partnership, which will fund a total of 30 graduate students and 30 practical types of research.

On his part, Dr Abu Kishk stressed the importance of this agreement, which comes within the strategy of his university in the integration with the local community institutions, pointing out that this program contributes to the promotion of agriculture sector in Palestine, which is one of the most important sectors. This program will support students enrolled in the graduate program by providing them with skills and sciences through which they can initiate research and projects to develop the agricultural sector.

It is worth mentioning that this program is funded by the Netherlands Representative and implemented by UAWC. It is mainly aimed at developing and conserving natural resources, particularly local see