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23 new development projects.. UAWC completes the fourth phase of "Economic Empowerment Program"

    Nablus / Jenin - The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) carried out 23 development projects in Nablus and Jenin governorates, within the framework of its project "Economic Empowerment Program" that is funded by the Islamic Development Bank through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

This program aims to improve the economic and social situations for the beneficiaries through providing them with development projects that ensure decent livelihoods and employment opportunities for them and their families.

On the process of selecting the beneficiaries, Mohammad Yasin, the project manager, explained that after obtaining lists from the Ministry of Social Development, the human, physical, financial and social conditions of each family were examined, taking into consideration the beneficiaries’ experience and ability in managing a project, in addition to the location of the project.

He also added that after selecting the beneficiaries, they enrolled in an intensive training course specialised in developing their management and accounting skills to be able to run the project properly, in addition to being involved in course conducted by UAWC’s staff, on how to prepare a work plan.

Yasin mentioned that the project which was provided for the beneficiaries varied between homeward, to grocery stores, construction timber, fashion design workshop, gypsum décor, developing a coffee shop, rehabilitation of a mobile shop, plumber gear, gardening gear, tire repair shop, service office, greenhouse planting, a photography studio.

It is worth mentioning that UAWC started the implementation of the fifth phase of this program targeting 10 families from governorate of Jericho