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Agricultural work continues in distribute fresh vegetables packages on poor families in Gaza

Union of Agricultural wok committees started for the second week respectively to distribute fresh vegetables packages on hundreds of Palestinian families with non-income in all provinces of Gaza Strip, within the project of “distribute fresh vegetables packages and help young farmers” funded by Welfare-Association .

In addition, Raed Mohsen “the project coordinator” said: “choose of beneficiary families from the project come within series standers, the most prominent is the poorest and neediest in all provinces of Gaza Strip”. Thanks to Welfare-Association company for submission to this humanitarian relief project in this difficult times that the people of the Gaza Strip has been living in, as a result of the intensification of the crisis caused by the Israeli siege imposed on it for 11 years, and the deterioration in the economic situation and the spread and high of the unemployment rates.

Food packages containing 14 varieties of fresh vegetables and some basic foodstuffs such as chicken and fresh eggs and that distributed in batches and regularly weekly, meet a major part of the needs of needy families throughout the holy month of Ramadan. In addition, benefited from these packages more than a thousand families scattered in the provinces of the Gaza Strip.

And Mohsen explained that what distinguishes this project, contrary to being helps to reduce the level of food insecurity in the Gaza Strip, it depends on the collection of fresh vegetables and poultry from young farmers, which creates good opportunities to market their products in the light of the difficult situation in Gaza, and then redistributed to families benefiting from this project.

According to official reports, the level of food insecurity in the Gaza Strip has reached 57%, almost three times the level in the West Bank, which is 19%.

For its part, the families benefiting from the project expressed their deep thanks to the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and the Welfare-Association for their continuous efforts in the service of families with non-income families in the Gaza Strip.