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UAWC completes the first phase of the agricultural cultural exchange project

 The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) completed the first phase of agricultural cultural exchange in Marseille, France, in cooperation with Association Une Terre Culturelle (UTC). The project aims to promote cultural exchange in agricultural sector between three groups from three different countries (Palestine, France, Germany).

 The participants met within a program aimed initially at breaking the barriers between nations through various activities to introduce participants to each other's and introduce them to cultural features and challenges facing agricultural sector in each country to draw common challenges to unify their resistance.


The project provided the participants the opportunity to learn about agricultural techniques used in France by organizing two visits to two farms in Marseille, where the participants met a group of farmers worked in a purely participatory manner.


The project included visits to the city of Marseille to learn about its most important cultural features, the Roman cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde, which is located at the highest level in Marseille. In addition the group visited a number of public parks to see the effects of urban crawl over green lands.


Moreover, the program included discussions on several issues including social conditions of farmers, agricultural policies in countries and problems of access to agricultural land, resistance against settlement agriculture, which allowed young people to exchange knowledge about the reality of agriculture and its challenges and acquired new expertise to resist these challenges.


This program comes within UAWC's vision to enhance the presence of young people in international forums and to give them the chance to raise their voices and issues.