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UAWC Opens the first medical laboratory in Maythalun

 Jenin – As part of the Productive Families Economic Empowerment funded by the Islamic Development Bank through UNDP and in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees opened the first medical laboratory in the town of Maythalun.

The opening ceremony was attended by UAWC’s Chairman, Mr. Rizwq Al-Barghouthi, the director of Economic Empowerment Programme in UNDP, Mr. Basem Dudeen, Maythalun’s Mayor, Mr. Saed Inairat, in addition to UAWC’s employees, representatives of the Ministry of Social Development, members of the local council, and a number of national personalities and local authorities in the town.

UAWC’s chairman, Mr. Rizeq Al-Barghouthi, expressed his pleasure with the opening of this project which he described as vital for the residents of Maythalun, as it will contribute in elevating the hardships of the residents in the light of having no laboratory in the area; he explained that the people of Maythalun had to go to Jenin, that is 23km away, to conduct any medical tests, praising the role of the municipality, Ministry of Social Development and all other institutions for the success of the projects.

The programme’s coordinator, Mohammad Yasin, noted that this project is the first of its kind in the programme, and that it provides its services to 30 thousand residents as it benefits Al-Sanur, Maythalun, Sarees, Al-Jdaydeh communities, confirming that UAWC offers a big number of productive and service providing projects nationwide.