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UAWC hosts a German Delegation to inform them about the situation in the Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley – The Union of Agricultural Work Committees hosted a German delegation which included representatives from Medico International, UAWC’s strategic partner, and journalists from TAZ German Newspaper. UAWC’s staff briefed the delegation on the conditions in which the JV residents live in, especially in Northern JV.

The delegation was taken on a field tour to Al-Qaoun in Bardalah, an area threatened to be confiscated, in which UAWC implemented a strategic project to transfer agricultural water through 4.8km metal pipeline to supply the area with water and protect it from the incursion of settlements, thus creating a source of income for tens of families in the area through practicing agricultural activities that they have been deprived of since 1967.   

Al-Qaoun is an area that spreads on 3500 dunums, 1200 of which were confiscated and annexed to lands of 1948 inside the green line; Israeli occupation forces attempts to empty this area of its original residents, as the eastern route of the segregation wall passes through its lands.

It is worth noting that TAZ German newspaper which was founded in 1968 in Berlin, annually sends 3 press missions to the occupied Palestinian territories to be acquainted with the conditions that Palestinians live in, in the light of the continuous occupation, who convey the racist image of the occupation to the German people. 

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