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Planting 500 olive seedlings in lands threatened by settlement incursion in northern Hebron

 Hebron -  The Union of Agricultural Work Committees was able to plant 500 olive seedlings in 25 dunums in Khirbet Um Al-Daraj near Halhoul- Hebron, that are threatened to be confiscated for the benefit of opening a settlers’ road. 250 persons of farmers, agricultural committees from Hebron and Bethlehem, UAWC’s volunteers participated in the activity, in addition to the presence of representatives from Halhoul municipality, agricultural departments from Hebron governorate, and Ibda’ Center of Al-Dheisheh refugee camp.

This activity was implemented to revive Land Day, where UAWC’s General director noted that the area is threatened to be confiscated for the benefit of opening the suggested settlers’ road, adding that UAWC was able to rehabilitate and reclaim 1300 dunums in the area, in addition to opening agricultural roads, to contribute to the protection of these lands from being confiscated.

Mohammad Ewidat from UAWC, pointed out that the road will spread between Assyon settlement to reach Al-Nabi Younes intersection, the road with a length of 7.685km will be divided to spread on lands of Beit Ummar town with 3.720km, 1.790km on lands in Al-Aroub, and 2.625km on lands in Halhoul. He also explained that the road will completely isolate the agricultural lands that are located on the east side of Halhoul and Beit Ummar, and that the width of the road according the occupation’s plans will be 160m, which means that a total of 1309 dunums will either be destroyed or confiscated for the benefit of opening the road, 585 dunums of which in Beit Ummar, 286 dunums in Al-Aroub, and 439 dunums in Halhoul, noting that the total area of lands that are located eastern of the road is 7484 dunums, spread in the different towns.