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UAWC Calls to Raise the Share of the Agricultural Sector in the PA’s Budget on Land Day

In a report issued on Thursday for the occasion of Land Day, The Union of Agricultural Work Committees called the Palestinian Authority to raise the agricultural sector’s share in its annual budget, which is at a percentage of 0.87%, equivalent to 128 Million NIS, most of which are operating expenses, stressing the importance of protecting the land from settlement incursion; the report also noted that the Israeli occupation not only embedded 700 thousand settlers in the WB and Jerusalem, it also continues to build more settlements and outposts with the support of the new US administration which supports settlement expansion and building, with no regards to the UN security council’s resolution 2334 which considers settlement to be illegal and demands to stop it.    

The report stated that “the occasion of Land Day comes this year with many challenges and risks that our people and their national liberation cause face, at the forefront of this is the risk of being killed, and the usurping of land and natural resources in the West Bank and in the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, in a flagrant violation of all international conventions including the Fourth Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. The Israeli occupation’s bulldozers continue with its attempts to uproot us from our lands to confiscate it, we daily lose more lands to the benefit of the occupation and its settlers, while the Palestinian reality is deteriorating because of the disastrous division and the absence of a unified national strategy.”       

The report also confirmed that “Palestinians wherever they are found, reviving Land Day, is a confirmation of their right to their lands, and is an affirmation of the Palestinian people’s unity wherever they are found in the face of this colonial occupation”, adding that the commemoration of Land Day is only true when it is accompanied with practical steps that restore the land as a central issue in our struggle in all of the Palestinian parties’ programs, in addition to reinstating the Palestinian cause as a national liberation cause which has not achieved its objectives yet.   

UAWC also called for putting the issue of the Palestinian land as a top priority in all of Palestinian government’s policies, the private sector’s organizations and local NGOs, and to turn words into actions through linking the productive value of the land with its national historic value, reaffirming that the PA needs to take practical steps that will lead to reinforcing the steadfastness of people on their lands, and their resistance of the segregation wall and settlement, and finally, to adopt a developmental approach that leads to liberation, and socio-economic policies that are just for poor farmers.

The report called the PA to activate the Palestinian Disaster Reduction and Agricultural Insurance Fund and social security for the benefit of poor farmers, support the production inputs that small farmers need and not imposing taxes on them, and supporting small investments in the agricultural sector and agricultural cooperatives, in the face of capitalism and chasing fast profit.

UAWC concluded its report with a salute to all of the land’s martyrs and prisoners who call everyone to unite under a national program that prioritizes the protection of the land, and supporting farmers.   

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