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Al-Khader and Beit Fajar Municipalities Honor UAWC

 The Municipality of Al-Khader represented by its Mayor, Mr. Is’hac Sbeih, and the National Committee to Resist the Wall and Settlement, alongside Beit Fajar Municipality represented by its Mayor, Mr. Ali Mohammad, the Beit Fajar Society Director and members of the municipality, honored last Tuesday the Union of Agricultural Work Committees represented by its General Director, Mr. Fuad Abu Saif. 

The ceremony came at an initiative by the above mentioned municipalities in recognition of UAWC’s role in implementing significant projects, Mr. Sbeih thanked UAWC for the projects which activities included land development and rehabilitation, agricultural water wells’ building, and agricultural roads’ opening in Al-Khader and Beit Fajar, confirming that these projects significantly contribute to the protection of these lands from the risk of settlement expansion.

The Mayor of Beit Fajar, Mr. Ali Mohammad, expressed the municipality and local community’s gratitude for UAWC’s for the projects it has implemented over the past two years which will lead to the protection of the town’s lands from being confiscated in favor of settlement expansion.  

Mr. Abu Saif thanked the municipalities for the initiative, appreciating their role in facilitating the work of UAWC’s staff in areas classified as C, and confirming that UAWC will continue working in these areas to protect the land and support the farmers. 

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