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UAWC Revives World Water Day

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees revived World Water Day last Thursday with an activity in Tamoun Girls high school in Tubas governorate, where the students, the teaching staff, and the agricultural committee participated in the activity, which included planting garnish seedlings and using greywater in the school to irrigate it, in addition to painting a mural on the entrance of the school for the occasion.

UAWC revives World Water Day annually, in a confirmation on Palestinian’s rights to their water, that the Israeli occupation controls over 85% of; a fact sheet issued by UAWC about the water sector in Palestine stated that Palestinians use only 14.2% of the total water capacity in historic Palestine, and that the per capita share of water for Palestinians in the WB and GS is 79.1 and 79.7/person/day respectively in 2014, compared to four times more for settlers, not to mention that 97% of the water in GS does not meet the global health standard, additionally, 18.5% of the water available for Palestinians is purchased from Mekorot, the Israeli occupation’s national water company; in 2016 the company reduced the amount of water pumped to 14 Palestinian communities in the North by 50%-70%, forcing the villages to rely on transferred water, which costs between 20-50 NIS per m3.  

The Israeli occupation’s control over the Palestinian water resources and depriving Palestinian of their rights in reaching and using their own water resources, is the main issue that Palestinians face in the agricultural sector, that is why UAWC revives World Water Day every year, to confirm Palestinians’ right to access and use their natural resources.      

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