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UAWC Delivers Forklifts for Cooperatives in Northern West Bank

 The Union of Agricultural Work Committees delivered electrical forklifts for cooperatives in Northern West Bank, after training 10 cooperatives on using them, this activity is a part of the “Market Oriented and Sustainable High Value Crops Sector Development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip” funded by the Dutch Representative Office in Palestine, and implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in partnership with UAWC, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.

These forklifts are of high importance for their role in facilitating packing, packaging and storing agricultural products in the packing houses that were established as part of the same project, which preserve these products and increase their competitiveness locally and internationally, it also increases the cooperatives’ financial returns, and improves the economic viability of growing vegetables and tree horticulture in the WB.