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The Governor of Hebron visits UAWC’s projects

The governor of Hebron, Mr. Kamel Hameed, visited last Tuesday HAIA project which is implemented by the Union of Agriculture Work Committees in Wad Al-Sweiti, Al-Majour, and Wad Abu Qamra in Dura town near Hebron, the governor was accompanied by UAWC’s General Director, Mr. Fuad Abu Saif, in addition to a number of employees supervising the implementation of the project.

The visit included briefing the governor about HAIA’s different activities, where 26 water collection metal pools were established aiming to collect water from springs to use it for irrigation, benefiting tens of farmers in the area, the tour also included conducting a demonstration on introducing modern irrigation systems to a group of farmers in order to urge them to use it, and concluding it with acquainting the governor of the hydrological study implemented as part of the project, on methods of recharging rainwater into the soil’s layers in order to charge groundwater and prevent leakage of running water.

Mr. Kamel Hameed expressed his admiration of UAWC’s leading role in developing and protecting the Palestinian Agricultural sector, welcoming the continuous cooperation with it, as this tour comes as part of the cooperation between UAWC and Hebron governorate.