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Fanack, Land Life Company and UAWC take Dutch green innovation to Middle East

Dutch-based organization Fanack has initiated a pilot to bring the innovative Cocoon planting technology, an award winning innovation to establish trees in degraded soils from The Netherlands, to West Bank and Gaza Strip. For this purpose, Fanack joined forces with Land Life Company – inventor of the Cocoon – and  the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC).


Three locations are being prepared for planting, which will start in West Bank on 13 and 14 March this year. Olive and almond trees will be planted using  the Cocoon in Wad Ben Saleh, Daheriy, and Wad AL-Reem, Saer. Guests from the ministries, municipalities, universities and ecological and agricultural organizations will join the ceremonies on the first day of planting.


Fanack, established in 2010 in the Netherlands, as a platform for unbiased information for the Middle East and North Africa, defines the main objective of the Cocoon-project as introducing knowledge and innovative ideas to the region. In this way it aims to contribute to a healthier environment and help increased agricultural production in regions with degraded land and insufficient water sources, benefitting local residents.


All the land, work and preparation for the Cocoon-project in West Bank and Gaza Strip are provided by UAWC, which has extensive experience with agricultural projects in the area and is committed to improving the vulnerable socio-political circumstances of farmers and other inhabitants.


The unique Cocoon planting system enables the successful planting of trees in degraded and arid soils with a fraction of the water that is needed in traditional tree planting. It is a low cost, water efficient, biodegradable product to plant trees sustainably and at scale in the harshest environments on earth. The Cocoon disrupts current practices in nature restoration by completely eliminating follow-up irrigation and enhancing the survival rates of young seedlings to an average of 75-95%.


Fanack, Land Life Company and UAWC are planning to realize more projects in the region in the near future.